Meet Dr. Butler

20 Minutes | No Charge

This initial meeting provides an opportunity for you to understand my healthcare philosophy, what kind of care you will receive, and the types of treatments available at Integrative Osteopathy. Discussion of health issues will be limited to understanding how an Integrative Osteopathy approach can be helpful for your specific concerns.

Please note: Diagnosis, recommendations, or treatment will not be given at this visit.


Initial integrative osteopathy consultation

1.5 hours (typically) | $190 per hour


  • Physical examination  (excluding genitourinary system)
  • Osteopathic structural exam
  • Detailed history of concerns/ problems and past history
  • Review of prior related health care
  • Development of Plan of Care / diagnostic plan
    • Research needed
    • Orders for labs / images / diagnostics
    • Recommended treatment plan
  • Osteopathic manipulative treatment (as time allows)
  • Schedule follow up for results, treatment

Follow-up appointments

$95 per half hour


  • Follow up examination pertinent to concern
  • Osteopathic structural exam as needed
  • Follow up on tests and research
  • Treatment
    • Recommendations for outside treatment – Plan of Care
    • Counseling regarding self treatment and preventive care
    • Osteopathic manipulative treatment (1 hour appointments only)


$43 per half hour


  • Review of medical and alternative literature
  • Consultation with practitioners and physicians knowledgeable about concern
  • All research accounted for and documented in patient records with references


No Charge

Patient may request a copy (electronic or paper) of any and all records generated by this practice. Records generated by other physicians, images and labs ordered by other physicians, and consultation notes from other physicians will not be provided and must be requested from the physician who generated them.

Dr. Butler will provide notes and information, will advocate with, and consult with your Primary Care Provider and/or specialists to ensure coordination of care (research fee applies).

Services provided

The services provided by Dr. Butler are intended for

  • Osteopathic manipulation
  • Consultation, diagnosis, and treatment of chronic or complex medical conditions

Services not provided

  • Emergency care. Dr. Butler does not offer emergency care. Patients should seek care for acute emergencies and after hours care from their primary care physician or the emergency department of the local hospital.
  • Primary care. All patients are required to have a primary care physician for all health maintenance needs (annual physical examinations, mammograms, colonoscopies, skin cancer screening, bone density, prostate, and all other screening). Upon request, Dr. Butler will provide a list of primary care provider (PCPs) or specialists that are willing to work with the integrative philosophy.

Forms of payment accepted

Cash | Check | Credit cards


Please note

At Integrative Osteopathy, Dr. Butler is not a participating provider of any insurance company, HMO, or Medicare for any services provided at this facility.  Most insurance companies have provisions for consulting physicians out-of-network and will cover services in part or full.  Dr. Butler now sees Medicare patients.

For each of your appointments at Integrative Osteopathy, we will provide you with a superbill which you may submit to your insurance company for out-of-network services; this does not apply to Medicare or TriCare patients.

Medicare / Medicaid

Dr. Butler cannot accept any patients with Medicaid at this time due to laws regarding billing of these insurances.


If you are a TriCare patient, when you fill out your Integrative Osteopathy new-patient paperwork, you will be asked to sign a government-required contract acknowledging that you cannot submit for any type of reimbursement.

Meet with Dr. Butler

Schedule a free 20-minute in-person or phone meeting with Dr. Butler to talk about how osteopathy can help you.


Inspiration for Healing

Our essential nature is health. Health is within us and never goes away.

Dr. Lisa Butler