Tailoring healthcare to your needs and wishes

I believe we are born with the knowledge and ability to heal ourselves. That belief is the foundation of my integrative approach to medicine.

As an osteopath, I’m here to empower you, by reconnecting you with that knowledge and by supporting your body, mind and spirit on your journey to better health.

For you and all my patients, I will

  • Respect the inherent wisdom of your body
  • Take the time necessary to truly understand your health challenges, goals, concerns and questions before recommending treatments
  • Treat you as the unique person you are
  • Teach you to heal yourself, modify illness and prevent diseases
  • Research and learn new information to find answers for you
  • Recommend diet and lifestyle changes before medications

I will also help you coordinate with your primary care physician and specialists to advocate for your total health and maintain continuity in your healthcare.

It would be my pleasure to meet with you to talk about how I can help improve your health, vitality and quality of life.

Please contact me at anytime to schedule a time to meet!

Lisa Butler, Doctor of Osteopathy

Dr. Lisa Butler, providing integrative healthcare in Fort Collins, Colorado

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Inspiration for Healing

Do not put your hands on a patient until you first know the anatomy under your fingers, the physiological changes that are taking place, something of the pathology that might be there and, more than all, that a living soul is within.

Dr Andrew Taylor Still