Osteopathic medicine: activating our natural ability to heal

Osteopathic medicine helps relieve suffering and restore optimal body function by combining a physician’s knowledge of internal medicine with hands-on treatments to align the body correctly and activate the innate healing forces within each person.

Osteopathic manipulation

In non-technical terms, “osteopathic manipulation” means moving parts or tissues of your body in various ways to help them work properly, both inherently and in relation to other body parts, body systems, and the body as a whole. You may be familiar with some similar techniques from having gone to a physical therapist, chiropractor or massage therapist.

An osteopathy session with Dr. Butler

osteopathic_medicine_copyWe begin each session with discussion and an initial examination to determine our treatment approach. Based on your unique needs at the time of your appointment, we decide our approach for the session. For this reason, each osteopathy session is unique.

Osteopathic manipulative treatments are typically comfortable, gentle and relaxing. In most cases, you will lie down on a treatment table, fully clothed, and relax as Dr. Butler moves and adjusts your body–some patients even fall asleep!

Learn more about osteopathy, integrative medicine, and what to expect in your first osteopathy session with Dr. Butler.

Conditions often treated with osteopathic medicine

  • Pain
  • Headaches
  • Respiratory problems
  • Digestive dysfunctions
  • Female reproductive disorders
  • Some infections

Biodynamic osteopathy

Like integrative medicine, biodynamic osteopathy treats the whole person–body, mind and spirit–in a fully integrated way to activate the healing process. The health transformations people have achieved using this approach have been nothing short of inspiring!

Meet with Dr. Butler

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Inspiration for Healing

Even when someone seems very ill, more than 99% of them is exhibiting health and balance. That means there is always hope for healing.

Dr. Lisa Butler