First, reset your idea of health

Health isn’t simply the absence of disease–it’s the presence of vitality, energy, joy, truth, and freedom in your life pursuits. Through Integrative Osteopathy, you can activate your body’s innate power to heal, making new levels of health possible.

So at your initial appointment, first and foremost, we’ll discuss your hopes for your health, what you wish to make possible.

An in-depth discussion of your health story

Before we do an osteopathic exam, we will talk in depth about your current and past health concerns, life challenges, environment, nutrition, and general wellness. This process always reveals important insights about the right treatment approaches for you.

A full osteopathic exam

And osteopathic exam takes a comprehensive look at how your muscles, joints, bones, nerves and organs are positioned and working together. This can tell us things like whether rib cage position is inhibiting lung function or whether hip misalignment might be contributing to chronic headaches.

Proactive, individualized treatment plans

Upon completing the thorough health history and osteopathic structural exam, we will have the information we need develop the right treatment approach for you–in the context of your individual health, genetics, lifestyle and personal preferences. Sometimes this includes doing additional laboratory tests or diagnostics to gather more information.

You’ll leave our first Integrative Osteopathy session with a clear, detailed, doable plan of action for improving your health. It’s an exciting moment, because it’s the day your better health begins!

To get started, schedule a free meeting with Dr. Butler to understand how osteopathic medicine can improve your health.

Patient forms

Please complete these forms and bring them with you to your first full consultation with Dr. Butler:


What to wear.

It’s best to wear loose, thin, comfortable clothes. You will not need to disrobe for the initial physical exam or subsequent osteopathic manipulation treatments.

Sharing valuable details.

In your appointments with Dr. Butler, don’t hesitate to share small or unexpected things you’ve noticed about your body or health that simply struck you as “odd.” Even if a symptom seems a little crazy or has no clear explanation (yet), it can be a valuable clue for solving your health problems!

Meet with Dr. Butler

Schedule a free 20-minute in-person or phone meeting with Dr. Butler to talk about how osteopathy can help you.


Inspiration for Healing

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

World Health Organization, 1948